Victor Fitzsimons is an artist, illustrator, doodler, and sometimes-animator currently living in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Photojournalism from Central Michigan University in 2005 and worked as a newspaper photographer for a couple of years.

In 2007, he felt his occupation was a bad fit for him, so he spent a little time driving across the country and a lot of time revising his priorities in life. He made a go at living in Portland, Oregon, for a little while, but it was the onset of the recession and work was difficult to find. So he took a job as an assistant English teacher in South Korea.

He stayed in South Korea for a year only, then moved back to the States. He blew his savings on grad school at Central Michigan University and went into debt starting in 2010, and although he never finished his thesis, he learned a lot and met some incredible people.

Sometime along the way, he decided that he loved drawing more than anything else. It might have been too late to make such a radical decision, but he did it anyway. No other job seemed as fulfilling, although producing art hasn't exactly been a (vegetarian) gravy train for him.

For one semester, in 2014, he taught some communications classes at Grand Valley State University. It may have been a better learning experience for him than it was for his students. Victor hopes any damage he did back then was mitigated by his very short time as an adjunct instructor.

Since then, Victor has sometimes worked temp jobs scoring standardized test responses. He was one of three winners in a music video contest sponsored by They Might Be Giants in 2015, and later that year the band would commission another video from him.

In 2016, Victor tried to revive an experiment in self-publishing called GRANOLA. It was fun to collaborate with his friends but the project is currently on indefinite hiatus.

Victor participated in ArtPrize in 2017 with a trio of abstract drawings called "Myopic Obsession." The works have not sold yet. If you happen to be interested in purchasing any of them, please contact Victor.

In 2018, Victor was selected as a runner-up winner for the animated music video he made for They Might Be Giants's "I Left My Body" music video contest, as judged by Open Mike Eagle.

Currently, Victor is looking for work in an artistic or creative role.

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